Especially for Faculty & Staff

This page is no longer maintained and has been replaced by the navigation tools listed below. Please read on to find out how to quickly navigate Williams websites.

The Search Box

Typing just a few letters or a word into the search box usually
displays a list of links to related webpages. Clicking a link takes you directly
to the page (vs hitting enter to search). Read the search box documentation page for more details.

The A-to-Z Index

All the college’s departments and services are catalogued in the A-to-Z index. The index can be filtered by keyword to help you quickly find what you are looking for.


Quicklinks is not just a list of shortcuts in a menu: It is a tool you can use to customize your own “especially for” list of links. Plus, it is available on all college pages. Read the Quicklinks documentation page to learn how is can work for you.