Why Williams

Williams is a life-shaping journey that will inspire and guide you to think, create and act with purpose. Our location in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts is a place where you can find both focus and connection. It’s a community where you'll surround yourself with two thousand passionate and intelligent peers, learning with others who are dedicated to becoming deeper thinkers and more effective leaders.

A beacon for intellectual explorers, Williams will help you climb higher and farther than you imagined possible.


Learn Deeply
Explore Widely

What does it mean to attend one of the trailblazing schools that launched American higher education? You have the opportunity to explore 65 different areas of study, punctuated by transformative experiences that take you far beyond conventional ideas about academic rigor.

Williams’ student-faculty ratio—among the lowest of any college
of classes taught by professors (not teaching assistants)
of students conduct funded research each year
courses available annually
Oxford-style tutorials offered each year across the curriculum


With nearly 200 student-run organizations and more than 400 groups connecting students with service and experiential learning opportunities, Williams is ideal for the naturally curious and active. Whether singing with the Gospel Choir or playing Club Volleyball, advocating for sustainability with Environmental Council or sharing best practices with Future Business Leaders, there is always a new horizon to reach for.

A legacy of extraordinary outcomes

Williams alumni are the secret to your success. From your very first semester you’ll be connected to a global alumni network of business leaders, innovators, scholars, public servants, researchers, artists and others, who are rightly admired for helping students achieve their career and life goals. Our extensive alumni mentorship and internship programs give you the chance to learn from their successes and reach for your own.

Amazon, ESPN, Goldman Sachs, Metropolitan Museum of Art, National Institutes of Health
Top employers
of the class of '19 were employed, in graduate school or volunteering within six months of graduation
Most frequently attended graduate programs:
Oldest alumni association in the world—and one of the most generous

makes it all

From tutorials to career mentoring, a Williams education is about the whole person. We think about all of your needs in our financial aid program, too–not just tuition, room and board, but also textbooks, Study Away, even health insurance and summer storage. Every student is unique, so our financial aid offerings are as well.

Not many U.S. colleges can make that kind of commitment to student success. Then again, most colleges aren't Williams.

of all students receive aid from Williams
of students receiving aid pay nothing
of demonstrated need met
Nation's only ALL-GRANT financial aid program–no loans, work study or summer earnings
books, labs, art supplies and music lessons for all students receiving aid

Experience Williams
for yourself

There are many ways to explore Williams, in person and virtually. While we hope you can experience campus firsthand, we're eager to connect in whatever way works best for you.

It would be no small advantage if every college were thus located at the base of a mountain.

—Henry David Thoreau, writing on Williams in 1844

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