Additional Information for International Applicants

Williams is committed to building a community that includes the brightest minds from around the world. Our students come from more than 90 countries, and international students—that is, students who, regardless of country of residence, don’t hold U.S. citizenship, permanent residency or a green card—make up nine percent of our student body.

The college’s admission committee is familiar with the nuances of school systems and curricula around the world. Therefore, as an international applicant you’ll follow the same application procedures as U.S. citizens, with no additional forms or tests required. 

Because of the considerable amount of reading and writing across the Williams curriculum, a high level of English proficiency is a prerequisite for admission. If English is not your first language or language of academic instruction, please know that there are English language resources available to students but Williams does not offer English as a Second Language courses. We don’t require international students to take a proficiency exam like the TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge English C1 Advanced/C2 Proficiency or Duolingo, but we're happy to review scores from those tests if you'd like to submit them to us.

Williams is proud to be one of the small handful of schools who’ve launched the Global Student Haven Initiative (GSHI). Created in response to the conflict in Ukraine and the crisis in Afghanistan, GSHI seeks to remove barriers in the college application process for talented students who are displaced by war, political conflict, catastrophic natural disasters or other crises. Impacted students should not hesitate to reach out.

Financial Aid for International Applicants

For international students seeking financial assistance, Williams offers one of the most generous and comprehensive need-based financial aid programs in the U.S. Although Williams isn't need-blind for international applicants, approximately 70 percent of international students receive financial aid from the college, with aid awards averaging more than $80,000 annually. Our financial aid includes free textbooks, lab and art supplies, music lessons, storage, and one round-trip plane ticket home each year. Financial aid awards for international students are comprehensive, guaranteed for all four years, and meet 100% of demonstrated need. 

International applicants who might seek financial aid at any point during their enrollment at Williams must indicate their intent to apply for financial aid on their admission application. 

If you have questions at any point during the process, email Associate Director of Admission Markus Burns.