At Williams, students receive an education both deep and broad, thanks to the close relationship between teacher and student. Accomplished scholars, teachers and practitioners guide students’ academic explorations, advancing knowledge and often blurring the lines between disciplines.


Outstanding teachers mentor students and include them as partners in original research, encouraging them to intensively engage with current problems and knowledge production in their fields. Our distinctive program of tutorials is one of the best known examples. Many Williams students co-publish papers or co-present with faculty, earn awards and fellowships, thrive in rigorous graduate programs or become skilled and accomplished professionals in their areas of focus.


Williams introduces students to a range of intellectual possibilities through opportunities like Winter Study, our Difference, Power, and Equity requirement, and the numerous interdisciplinary opportunities available throughout the curriculum. Students engage in fundamentally different ways of thinking and problem-solving through work with passionate teachers in disciplines far from their major subjects. Our graduates are known for their diverse accomplishments and ability to apply tools and concepts learned in one discipline to problems encountered in others.

With more than 50 areas of study across the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, Williams offers innumerable opportunities to discover and pursue academic interests.