Two students. One professor. An in-depth conversation, fueled by intellectual curiosity and the spirit of debate, that takes place over the course of an entire semester.

Adapted from the Oxford University style of education, the Williams tutorial is a remarkable academic experience you won’t find at most other colleges. Every week, the two students take turns developing independent work—an essay, a report on lab results, a piece of art—and critiquing it. With the support and guidance of their professor, they sharpen their critical thinking, improve their writing, develop ideas, and defend positions. The tutorial gives them a sense of ownership of the academic process that inspires ever-greater exploration.With 60 to 70 tutorials offered each year across the curriculum, more than half of all Williams students take at least one during their time here.

Student in background laughing and his class peer and professor are in the foreground at a round table

Student at piano, prfessor turning music book pages, second student leaning in