“Your Thinking Partner at Williams”

A headshot of Williams College ombudsperson Waged Jafer.
Ombudperson Waged Jafer

The Ombuds office at Williams is a problem-solving program.

If you are a faculty or a staff member, the Ombuds office offers you a confidential place to discuss and find potential solutions to administrative or workplace concerns and issues. Any conversation that takes place with the Ombudsperson is confidential, with the goal of brainstorming a fair path forward and reaching a resolution.


Confidential. Informal. Independent. Neutral.

The Ombuds office follows these guiding standards of practice:


Any conversation with the Ombudsperson is confidential. Any information shared concerning any visit will not be disclosed to anyone without the visitor’s permission.


The Ombudsperson actively listens, provides information to help solve problems and seeks to understand and find a solution to concerns related to the workplace. An Ombudsperson does not participate in any formal grievance process.


The Ombudsperson reports to the President of the college only and is independent of any college administrative structure.


The Ombuds office is not an advocacy office. The ombudsperson does not advocate for an individual or for the college, it advocates for fairness. The goal is to ensure all processes are fair and equitable to all parties.

Set up a meeting

Williams faculty and staff can request a meeting at a time that is convenient for them by emailing [email protected].


Waged Jafer, Ombudsperson
Ombuds Office, ’37 House, Room B16F