S. Justin Rivers ’21

Morning Blitz, LLC, Marco Island, FL

This summer, I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to complete a virtual sports media internship at the Morning Blitz—a daily sports newsletter, covering the “need-to-know” across all major sports. Designed for sports fans who don’t have time to catch every game, the Blitz curates and annotates all essential sports content, and delivers it to your inbox every weekday morning.”

My main responsibilities included content gathering for and writing of the daily sports newsletter which entailed monitoring all major sports news outlets and publishers and combing through all the news to find those which were most “news-worthy.” I also scribed headlines and sections and transferred them to the newsletter outline. In addition, I assisted with the planning and execution of social media initiatives via graphics creation and video production. As a part of my staff writing responsibilities, I would write articles to be posted on the Morning Blitz’s website. The most notable of the articles I wrote are a series of data-based articles called “The WOATs.” These 
articles required a fundamental knowledge of Excel and statistics.

With regard to how my internship may influence key areas of importance to me, such as future course selection, major fields of study, post-graduate work, and career orientation, I believe that it may lead me to take another statistics course. However, being that I am a triple major with a concentration, the number of courses that I am permitted to take outside of my majors and concentration is rather limited. Moreover, my internship has cemented my desire to eventually work in sports, whether it is in sports media or within a franchise. My experience at the Morning Blitz writing articles also made it very apparent to me that I have a passion for writing and writing about sports. I also learned that I enjoy numbers and spreadsheets and statistics—as long as they are within a sports 
context. I believe that, after I pursue a Master’s in Business Administration, I will eventually get my Master’s in Sports Management, too.

Lastly, I would like to sincerely thank Ms. Martha Williamson ’77 and Mr. Peter Martin Nelson ’76 for supporting this opportunity through the Arts and Entertainment Internship. If it were not for their generosity, I most likely would not have considered this internship. Plus, given the current atmosphere due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was great to spend my summer doing an internship on a subject matter that I genuinely enjoy and in a field that I would love to be in down the road. As such, I am and will be eternally grateful for having received their support.