Our Work with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

’68 Center for Career Exploration’s Statement on Racial Injustice: Following the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many others, the ’68 Center acknowledges the systemic racism that exists in our society. We mourn their deaths and those of countless other Black Americans who have lost their lives or suffered due to oppression and discrimination. We condemn all forms of violence, and we support the dismantling of this hatred that has been an issue in our country for centuries. We are working to make contributions within our own field through our Careers with Social Impact career community and collection of identity-based resources, which are available to all students. More broadly, we are committed to ensuring access to career opportunities for all Williams students, and to helping them connect their work in any field to their goals for social impact.

DEI Working Group Update

The DEI Working Group is performing a comprehensive, data-driven internal assessment of student utilization of the ’68 Center’s current services, programming, and resources. The 5 functional service areas to be evaluated by metrics are:

  • Advising Appointments and Office Hours (Drop-ins)

  • Employer Relations and Outcomes (Handshake Opportunities and First Destination Survey, aka Destinations After Williams)

  • Career Community Programming/Services (How’d You Get There? How Do You Do That? Alumni Speaker Series, Career Treks, Career Panels, Coffee Chats, Info Sessions etc.)

  • Funding Resources (Alumni Sponsored Internship Program, Career Access Fund, and Equal Access Fund)

  • Alumni and Stakeholder Engagement (EphLink Mentoring, Job Shadowing, Projects, etc.)

The the final report will be presented in the spring semester.

Identity-Based Resources

We at ’68 Center for Career Exploration actively support all persons on their path to finding rewarding, meaningful, and safe work. We recognize the diversity within our community and are committed to supporting comprehensive service, active advocacy, supportive counseling, and affirmative hiring for our student body. In collaboration with the Davis CenterIntegrative Wellbeing Services, and The Disabilities and Accommodations Advisory Group (DAAG), we at ’68 Center for Career Exploration present this comprehensive identity-based resources page to help the students of Williams College in leading fulfilling and impactful lives. 

Black LUMAscape


From LUMA Partners… “The Black LUMAscape features Black-owned businesses in LUMA’s focus areas at the intersection of media, marketing and technology. This chart can be used as a reference for those wishing to diversify their business dealings with these companies. For a list of the companies’ website link outs, access the PDF.”









EphLink Identity Groups

ephlink identity groups screenshot


EphLink Identity Groups are spaces for alumni and students to connect and participate in conversations about life during and after Williams, particularly how those experiences may be shaped or be different due to their identities. Once you’re a group member, you can post questions and participate in conversations that the whole group can benefit from reading, or you can send direct messages to people in the group.