Faculty and Staff

Asian American Studies courses are taught by faculty with a wide range of expertise, and sit at the crossroads of Asian American Studies and many other disciplines or interdisciplinary fields. These intersections make our classes dynamic and exciting, while putting students in conversation with different majors and concentrators.

Asian American Studies courses are taught by faculty whose official faculty appointments are in other academic units, such the departments of Dance or Religion, or other programs, such as American Studies and Latina/o Studies. Students should note that, due to faculty leave patterns and a faculty member’s responsibilities to teach in their home units, not all of the faculty listed below teach an AAS course every semester or even every year, though some do. Students should always check the course catalog to see what courses are available. If you’re curious about when a course will be taught next, you can reach out to the faculty member or the Asian American Studies Program Chair for more information.

Photo of Jan Padios
Associate Professor of the American Studies Program, Chair of the Asian American Studies Program
Schapiro Hall, Rm 214
Photo of Zaid Adhami
Assistant Professor of Religion and Faculty Affiliate in Anthropology & Sociology
Hollander Hall, Rm 208
Photo of Maria Elena Cepeda
Professor of Latina/o Studies
Hollander Hall, Rm 109
Photo of Kelly I. Chung
Assistant Professor of American Studies
Schapiro Hall, Rm 119
Photo of Man He
Associate Professor of Chinese
Hollander Hall, Rm 346
Photo of Marion Min-Barron
Hollander Hall, Rm 36
Photo of Shanti Pillai
Assistant Professor of Theatre
'62 Center for Theatre & Dance, Rm 191
Photo of Bernard J. Rhie
Associate Professor of English
Stetson Hall, Rm 608
Photo of Karen L. Shepard
Senior Lecturer in English
Mason, Rm 1
Photo of W. Anthony Sheppard
Marylin & Arthur Levitt Professor of Music
Bernhard Music Center, Rm 41
Photo of Phi H. Su
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Hollander Hall, Rm 56
Photo of Munjulika R. Tarah
Assistant Professor of Dance
'62 Center for Theatre & Dance, Rm 179
Photo of Dorothy J. Wang
Professor of American Studies
Schapiro Hall, Rm 216