Financial Aid Instructions for International Applicants

For international students seeking financial assistance, Williams offers one of the most generous and comprehensive need-based financial aid programs in the U.S. Although Williams isn't need-blind for international applicants, approximately 70 percent of international students receive financial aid from the college, with aid awards averaging more than $80,000 annually. Our financial aid includes free textbooks, lab and art supplies, music lessons, storage, and one round-trip plane ticket home each year. Financial aid awards for international students are comprehensive, guaranteed for all four years, and meet 100% of demonstrated need.

Important Information for Applying for Financial Aid as an International Student

International applicants who might seek financial aid at any point during their enrollment at Williams must indicate their intent to apply for financial aid on their admission application.

Steps for Applying for Financial Aid as an International Student

Step 1: Note your intent to apply for financial aid by selecting “Yes” on the question “Do you intend to apply for financial aid?” within the admission application. Do not submit any financial aid materials as part of your application to Williams. 

Step 2: If admitted, follow the instructions from the Office of Student Financial Services about how to submit your financial aid application. 

Step 3: Submit all requested materials as soon as possible. 

Step 4: Review your financial aid award, which will be available within seven days of your completed financial aid application.

Please Note: Students who are dual citizens of the United States and another country, or permanent residents of the U.S., should complete the application requirements for domestic students