Arts Supplement

Note: Submission of an arts supplement is entirely optional.

Students with a well-developed talent in dance, music, theatre, visual arts are welcome to submit a portfolio using the Williams College SlideRoom site. Williams faculty review all portfolios and provide feedback to the Office of Admission which then considered that feedback as one factor in our holistic admission process. 

Students who choose to submit an arts portfolio are not required to major in an arts-related discipline, but should have a genuine interest in being engaged in the arts community at Williams. You can find details about each art discipline below. Please note that additional instructions, including acceptable file formats, can be accessed once you create an account and log in at the Williams College SlideRoom site.

Submitting an Application in SlideRoom

Please be sure to select the SlideRoom “program” that specifies the portfolio type--dance, music, theater or visual art--as well as the appropriate application type--Early Decision Application, Regular Decision Application, or QuestBridge Application. For example, students who apply to Williams via the QuestBridge College Match should select a program in dance, music, theatre, or visual arts with the title “QuestBridge College Match.” Please note that QuestBridge applicants who are not participating in the match process should submit an arts portfolio in either the Early Decision or Regular Decision programs.


SlideRoom submissions for QuestBridge College Match are due November 1, 2023

SlideRoom submissions for Early Decision are due November 15, 2023

SlideRoom submissions for Regular Decision are due January 8, 2024

Application Fee or Fee Waiver

All SlideRoom programs have an additional $10 application fee. If this fee poses a burden, fee waivers are easily accessible by contacting Pam Shea.

Please note that you must first create your SlideRoom account and select the appropriate SlideRoom program before requesting a fee waiver. Students who submit an arts portfolio using the “QuestBridge College Match” SlideRoom program will automatically be granted a fee waiver. All other applicants must request a fee waiver at least one day before submitting their portfolio in Slideroom.

Williams-specific Instructions for Arts Portfolios

Dance Portfolio Requirements

  1. SlideRoom Dance Form
  2. Dance Resume

Notes from Dance Faculty:

  • Submit a recent (within the past 6 months) video(s) with 3-5 minutes of technique/class work.
  • Submit a recent video(s) with 1-3 minute excerpt of live or studio performance. It is strongly recommended that you send a solo piece, but if you send a video of a group performance, ensure that you are easily identifiable (i.e., you’re the only one wearing a certain costume, or the video has been superimposed with an arrow).
  • If applicable, submit a video(s) with 2-3 minute excerpt of works you have choreographed, with information of when you made it, and who the dancers are (classmates, or dancers from another school, for example).

Music Portfolio Requirements

  1. SlideRoom Music Form
  2. Music Resume

Notes from Music Faculty:

  • It is strongly recommended that you submit two contrasting pieces for any given instrument.
  • If you are submitting media for more than one instrument, send each instrumental piece in a separate submission.
  • Do not send full orchestral, band, or choral recordings unless you are a featured soloist; if you are, please specify your solo. If you are submitting pieces in both classical and jazz categories, create separate files for each one and make the category clear in the file label.
  • Video files are required for performance submissions.

Theatre Portfolio Requirements

  1. SlideRoom Theatre Form
  2. Theatre Resume

Notes from Theatre Faculty:

  • General: Slideroom portfolios are evaluated on the basis of the degree to which the applicant demonstrates a commitment to original expression, rigorous practice, and brave inquiry in the arts.
  • Performance: Submit a video of two short (approximately 2 minutes), contrasting monologues. Do not send previously recorded excerpts of high school or community theatre performance.
  • Design (set, costume, lighting, sound, and media): Submit photographs, sketches, or video files of any theatrical design you have created or contributed to. Working drawings or finished products are acceptable.
  • Writing: Submit one or more samples of representative original work. Entire selection should not exceed 10 pages.
  • Directing/Dramaturgy/Stage Management: Submit a short video and/or working materials such as prompt books, visual and/or production research, etc.

Studio Art Portfolio Requirements

  1. SlideRoom Studio Art Form
  2. Visual Art Resume

Notes from Studio Art Faculty:

  • The following types of studio art submissions will be evaluated: architectural drafts, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and video
  • It is recommended that you submit at least 10 pieces of your work (maximum of 15).
  • Please include a short description for each piece in your portfolio when you upload into SlideRoom.
  • Please note that video submissions should be no more than 2-3 minutes long.