Current/Returning Students: International

If you are an international student who has never received financial aid from Williams, you must first make an appointment to discuss your situation with a Director. Please call the office – 413-597-4181 – to schedule your appointment.

The following forms and materials are requested by February 15, 2024.


The CSS Profile (Use code 3965)

Fall 2024 or Spring 2025 completed online by student and parent(s). If either parent is re-married, the current spouse’s information is also required.


Documentation of your parent(s) 2023 income and taxes paid
A signed copy of all pages of your parent(s) 2023 income tax statement for your country of residence; if your parents file separately, please send a copy of each parent’s tax return. A signed statement from your parent’s employer(s) documenting their income and benefits for this time period must also be submitted. This should be on the company’s letterhead, translated to English, and in the currency in which they were paid and include an itemization of income, benefits and taxes paid. CLICK HERE to upload your document(s) directly to Williams College Office of Student Financial Services.

  • This documentation must be translated into English (it does not need to be a paid translation service; your own translation is sufficient).
  • Please make sure that the time period that is being certified is included on the statement.

Additional Requirements for Canadian Citizens Only

Along with the CSS Profile, the following forms and materials are due by May 15, 2024.

2023 Federal and Provincial Income Tax Returns for the parent
Provide copies of all pages and schedules and 2023 T-4 forms directly to the Office of Financial Aid by uploading here.

Additional Documentation for Some Students

If parents are self-employed
Complete the International Business Supplement if your parents and/or stepparents are self-employed or hold any interest in a business or farm.

If siblings are enrolled in qualifying degree programs, Submit sibling enrollment information
The number of dependent children enrolled in qualifying degree programs significantly affects the calculation of your parent contribution. In most cases, if one or more of your siblings is enrolled in an undergraduate program, your parent contribution will be less than if only you are enrolled at Williams. If you have a sibling whose undergraduate plans are undecided when you complete your financial aid application, please update us in writing as soon as possible with his or her final plans. Also, update us in writing as soon as possible if your sibling changes his or her enrollment status during the academic year. In your update, we will need the following information for any sibling who decides to enroll in an undergraduate program:

  • Name of institution to be attended
  • Itemized cost of attendance (i.e., tuition, fees, room, board, etc.)
  • Amount of grant, scholarship, and/or stipend awarded