Study Away Planning Checklist

Your Parent Contribution does not change when you study away!  Even if the program is less expensive, your parent contribution remains the same.

DEADLINES Full-Year or Fall Semester Spring Semester
Study Away Budget Proposal Form June 1 December 1
Submit Copy of Your Study Away program Bill   Once you have received your bill
  • Make sure that you have completed all of your Financial Aid application requirements
  • Get accepted/approved for your program
    • Student Financial Services can pay your deposit as an advance on your aid
    • Confirm your program attendance with the Global Education and Study Away Office
  • Passports
    • Apply early, average passport processing time is 8-12 weeks
    • Advance funding for passport fees is available
  • Set up or update direct deposit with your banking details
  • Immunizations/Vaccines
    • Research what you need, when and where they are available
    • Advance funding is available for immunization costs
  • Book your travel
    • Domestic Students may use Egencia if advance flight funding is needed
    • International and Domestic students living abroad must use Bob Baker for their travel



  • Submit your Study Away program bill
    • We can notify the program of your pending aid
  • Review your financial aid award and compare it to your Study Away bill and budget to determine if you owe a balance to your program and how your out of pocket expenses will be covered.
  • If applicable, pay the remaining balance to your study away program
  • If applicable, request a refund of available credit balance to pay out of pocket expenses



  • Submit any supplemental bills your program may send you
  • Review your spending and budget, submit a budget increase request if needed