Dean of the Faculty Denise Buell details what Williams spends and how we spend it.
Reid Pryzant '16 named Goldwater Scholar
The computer science and biology double major is Williams' 43rd Goldwater Scholar since 1989.
The Body as Book, a spring-semester theater and dance course that's part of The Book Unbound initiative, examines what it means for the book to be embodied and alive.
Upcoming lectures, seminars, speakers, exhibitions, performances, and athletic events on campus.
A trip to Vietnam allowed students in Jessica Chapman's War and Remembrance in Vietnam class to place firsthand experience in conversation with scholarly works.
The Makerspace in the Center for Educational Technology is a place to make the digital world real.
Get the latest varsity scores, stats, and stories.
Prof. William Wootters' work explores why the structure of quantum theory is what it is.
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Philosophy professor Joe Cruz '91 questions the mind/body problem for TEDxWilliamsCollege.
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