The Weston Athletic Complex, including Lee Track, Williamson Field, and Farley-Lamb Field, enhances Williams' tradition of broad participation and excellence within Division 3.
Physics Prof. Protik Majumder receives $347,000 NSF grant
The three-year grant will advance his work in testing the Standard Model of particle physics.
Amid a national conversation about the value of a college degree—and of the liberal arts specifically—Williams has launched a year-long effort to examine and discuss the educational experience it provides.
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An original copy of Magna Carta can be seen at the Clark alongside a host of important documents of American political thought on loan from Williams.
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Convocation speaker Ethan Zuckerman '93 on bibliolarceny and the size of the universe.
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Philosophy professor Joe Cruz '91 questions the mind/body problem for TEDxWilliamsCollege.
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