About the Teach Team

Throughout January, Teach Team is available for individual consultations with faculty around course design questions – including scaffolding and assessment.  The easiest way to get matched with the right person or people is to email [email protected] with your question.  We will be offering drop-in consultations beginning the week of January 25.

The current (January 2021) Teach Team is led by

  • Elizabeth Gallerani, Curator of Academic Programs, Williams College Museum of Art
  • Barron Koralesky, Chief Information Officer
  • Jonathan Leamon, Director of Instructional Technology
  • Christine Ménard, Head of Research Services and Library Outreach
  • Laura Muller, Director of Quantitative Skills Programs and Peer Support

with input from Sara Dubow, Associate Dean of the Faculty and Professor of History,  and Jason Rivera, Director of Institutional Research.

Teach Team includes

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, you may send them using the feedback form or email  [email protected] To discuss questions directly with other faculty,  post to the Conversations about Remote/Hybrid Teaching discussion board on Glow.