Gigapan: Big Tech Meets Tiny View

Gigapans are panoramic photos containing billions of pixels. Developed by scientists at Carnegie Mellon and NASA’s Ames Research Center for use in Mars Rover expeditions, Gigapan technology captures images with a robotic camera mounted on a tripod. As the mount slowly and automatically swivels, hundreds or even thousands of individual… Continue reading »

Model Behavior

The little brown bat native to this region could be extinct by 2030. That’s a possibility mathematician Julie Blackwood and her thesis student, David Stevens ’14, hope to help prevent. Blackwood, an assistant professor in her first year at Williams, is an applied mathematician whose models help biologists study the… Continue reading »

Elementary Physics

Local fourth-graders were wowed by physics demonstrations in Professor David Tucker-Smith’s lab on campus. Students and faculty members walking through Thompson Physics on Monday afternoon found themselves peeking into a classroom full of 60 fourth-graders from Williamstown Elementary School eagerly watching a demonstration by David Tucker-Smith, associate professor of physics. Continue reading »

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