Round Trip: The Life of Jorge Semprún

The first comprehensive biography of Jorge Semprún (1923-2011), whose sprawling life includes exile during the Spanish Civil War, working for the French Resistance in World War II and being nominated for Academy Awards, is receiving a lot of attention in Spain since its May release there. Written by Soledad Fox, professor of Romance languages, and

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The Country of Football

World Cup Football

History professor Roger Kittleson’s new book looks at Brazil through the lens of that country’s most popular sport.

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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Dao

A new book by political science professor Sam Crane examines modern applications of ancient Chinese principles.

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Winter Study: Reading for Life

“Books possess a magical, elusive quality that we often overlook when we read as scholars,” says Rudi Yniguez ’16. “In a typical class, our time is spent screening sentences for symbolism or analyzing syntax, instead of allowing the natural rhythm of the book to pull or push us along as it’s intended to do.” So

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Gangster Squad, Based on the Book By Paul Lieberman ’71, Now In Theaters

The movie Gangster Squad, based on a nonfiction book of the same name by Paul Lieberman ’71, is now playing in theaters across the country. The movie and book tell the story of a real-life, covert unit of the Los Angeles Police Department created after World War II to crack down on Mickey Cohen and other

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