Billing Procedures & Payment Policy

Your Williams Student Account
During your time at Williams, you will incur both standard and miscellaneous fees that are directly billed by the college. Most of these fees will be charged to your Williams Student Account.

Williams partners with Flywire, Inc. to administer an online financial portal that gives access to the Williams Student Account. All students and authorized users use Flywire’s “myonplanu” e-billing system to view detailed account activity and provisional credits (including financial aid); print statements; make electronic payments; and sign up for an optional, semester-based installment payment plan.

  • The fall comprehensive fee (i.e., tuition, activity fee, residential fee, room, and board) is charged each year in early July and typically is due within 30 days. The spring comprehensive fee and winter tuition are charged each year in early December and typically are due within 30 days. 

    Additional balance alerts are sent on a monthly basis when miscellaneous charges result in a balance due to the college. We do not regularly communicate credit balances. Prior balances are rolled into the following semester’s total balance, regardless if they represent past-due charges or overpayments.

    Miscellaneous Charges
    Miscellaneous charges largely represent fees assessed by other departments or offices on campus. Examples include, but are not limited to, EPH Points, lost ID, room openings, library fines, parking registration, parking violation fines, textbooks, course packets, and storage. If you would like to discuss or appeal these fees/fines, the assessing department or office can assist you. Student Financial Services does not have access to billing details.

    Provisional Credits
    A provisional credit is an allowance for an anticipated payment against your account balance. Provisional credits will be posted to your student account under the following circumstances:

    • Anticipated disbursements for federal, state, and institutional grants included on your financial aid award.
    • Anticipated disbursements for loans which have been approved by your lender.
    • Outside scholarships that you have reported to Student Financial Services but have not been received and paid to your student account.
    • The remaining semester contract amount for your Installment Payment Plan.

    All of your provisional credits are factored in your balance due and should not be deducted again when you submit your payment.

    If actual payments for the above provisional credits are not received by the date anticipated, the provisional credit will expire and be removed from your student account, thereby creating a balance due.

    Withdrawn or Graduated Students
    If you separate from the college, either due to withdrawal or graduation, you are responsible for the prompt payment of any outstanding balance owed to the college. If payment is not made, your account may be sent to a collection agency. You will then be responsible for your full account balance plus collection costs.

  • Accounts with outstanding balances are subject to late fees, holds, and administrative withdrawals. An outstanding balance refers to a balance due that has not been paid or paid in full within 30 days of notice, or by the otherwise specified due date.

    Holds and Administrative Withdrawals
    If your outstanding balance is left unpaid by the start of the semester, and you have not made satisfactory arrangements with Student Financial Services, you may not be permitted to enroll in classes or remain in residence at the college. Effectively, you would be placed on administrative leave.

    If payment arrangements after the start of the semester are approved by Student Financial Services and these expected payments are not made on time, or if you accrue an outstanding balance during the semester, you may be denied access to the course registration system, your academic transcript, your diploma (for graduating students), the housing lottery, and the parking registration lottery. Ultimately, you may not be allowed to enroll for the next semester.

    Returned Payments
    A $30.00 returned payment fee will be assessed for each returned check paid directly to Williams or any payment made through the Williams Student Account that is returned by Flywire. A cashier's check or money order may be required as payment for a returned payment.

    Late Fee
    Accounts that are not paid in full within 30 days of notice or by the otherwise specified due date may be assessed a $250.00 late fee. This includes accounts which have a balance due to a late loan or financial aid application or the failure of the student or co-borrower to sign promissory notes on a timely basis.

  • A provisional credit for your accepted loan (Federal Direct Loan or Williams Loan) or approved loan (private loan) will be reflected in your student account for the applicable semester. If required application materials are incomplete and unreviewed by the date anticipated, the provisional credit will expire and be removed from your student account, thereby creating a balance due.

    Web links to additional information regarding the Federal Direct PLUS Loan and private loans can be found in Forms & Resources on the Student Financial Services website. Your SFS advisor can directly advise you of your eligibility for either a Federal Direct Loan (U.S. citizens and permanent residents) or a Williams Loan (international students).

  • An intention to apply for financial aid does not exempt you from payment deadlines. If your financial aid application is incomplete or under review due to a late submission, you are ultimately responsible for the payment of the balance in your student account.

  • Per federal regulations, you are obligated to report any scholarship that was not awarded through Student Financial Services, as well as any employer tuition benefits. Report your scholarships and/or employer tuition benefits in Williams Student Records. From the landing page, select the “Stu Financial Services Forms” tile, then “Report Scholarship/Benefits.”

    If Williams is required to bill the scholarship agency or employer in order to receive payment, please follow the instructions in this online form.

    Reported scholarships and employer tuition benefits will appear as provisional credits in your student account. In most cases, the reported amount will be divided evenly between semesters, with one-half of the scholarship or benefit applied to the fall semester balance and the other half applied to the spring semester balance. If the scholarship organization or employer remits one payment for the entire amount, half of the payment will still be applied in the fall and the other half in the spring.

    If payment is not received within a reasonable period of time, the anticipated credit will be removed from the account creating a balance due. It your responsibility to ensure that the scholarship or employer tuition benefit is received by Student Financial Services. Failure to do so may result in a late fee and/or holds.

  • There are two different billing processes for students who are participating in a study away program, based on whether or not the student is a financial aid and/or student loan recipient. These processes apply to students who are participating in a study away program other than the Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford.

    If you are a financial aid and/or student loan recipient:

    • You should obtain from your program a copy of the invoice showing all charges and forward the invoice to Student Financial Services as soon as it is available.
    • Student Financial Services will process payment(s) to your program for an amount up to the available credit balance on your student account. Please keep in mind that federal funds are not disbursed until 10 days prior to the start of the semester at Williams.
    • If the amount payable to your program is more than the available credit balance on your student account, then you are responsible for paying the remaining balance directly to your program.
    • You should complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form in Williams Student Records before departure to your program so that Student Financial Services can issue refunds via direct deposit, as appropriate.

    If you are not a financial aid and/or student loan recipient:

    • You should obtain from your program a copy of the invoice showing all charges.
    • You are responsible for paying the invoice directly to your program.
    • There will be a charge on your student account for the Study Away Fee of $1,500.00 that is charged to all Williams students who participate in a study away program. This fee is charged once during the first term that you attend your program.
    • If you are enrolled in the college’s health insurance plan and do not waive coverage, there will also be a health insurance charge on your student account.
    • You should pay the charges detailed in your student account directly to Williams by the applicable due date.