Stats and fun facts

Ephpreciation Stats – Fun Facts

Ephpreciation is all about the big and little things that members of the Williams community do for one another every day. Here are some examples that may surprise you!

Well endowed?

It’s true: Williams has a healthy endowment. But a $10 donation to the Alumni Fund, Parents Fund, or Senior Class Gift has 20 times the impact as $10 in the endowment. This is because donations to the Alumni Fund, Parents Fund, or Senior Class Gift are current and unrestricted dollars, and are immediately put to use by the college. The endowment is intended to ensure Williams’ long–term success, and only 5% of each dollar can be spent in any given year.

Who wouldn’t want 16,000 gifts?

Last year, nearly six of every ten alumni gave to the Williams Alumni Fund, many of them multiple times, for a total of more than $13 million. Over their lifetimes, nearly 90% of all alumni will make a gift to Williams.

Ephs Have Your Back.

Members of the Williams community share instant recognition of a common experience and a desire to support one another. Four in every ten graduating seniors receive valuable career advice from alumni working in diverse fields from acting to zoology.

One in Two Thousand.

Every year, more than 2,000 Eph alumni serve Williams—1,600 as Alumni Fund agents, 350 as class leaders, and 200 as regional officers. Karl Mertz ’39 is still fundraising!


A 7:1 student: faculty ratio is one reason Williams can provide the best undergraduate liberal arts education in America. Students learn from professors who know them personally and form relationships that last a lifetime—a model starting with Mark Hopkins and the Log. This kind of individualized attention is only possible through alumni and parent philanthropy.

Williams meets students’ needs.

Williams is one of only three dozen schools in the nation that meets 100% of demonstrated need for all admitted students. More than half of all students receive aid from Williams, a level of financial support only possible through alumni and parent philanthropy.

Baby it’s cold outside!

Williams students make a positive impact in the local community. Through this year’s Winter Blitz, students worked together to weatherize homes for 30 low-income local residents, helping to keep families warm while reducing their heating and electrical costs.

Purple is the new green.

Williams has made a strong commitment to being a friendly and responsible member of the global community.

  •              Your burger? It came from grass-fed, grain-finished animals raised in Vermont and New Hampshire. Your milkshake? It’s made with milk from Jersey cows at High Lawn Farm in nearby Lee, MA. Williams Food Services is committed to supporting local farms and the local economy.
  •             Wake up and smell the coffee! It not only smells good, it does good. Dining Services exclusively serves Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee, fairly traded by Dean Cycon ’75, eliminating middlemen and ensuring that more money reaches the hands of farmers and workers.

$42,000: Our gift to each student this year.

While Williams charges $63,000 for tuition and fees, the actual cost of a Williams education is $105,000. The $42,000 difference is an annual subsidy enjoyed by every full pay student, thanks to the resources provided by endowment earnings and gifts. Our commitment to need-based aid makes it possible for the most talented students to attend Williams, regardless of their family circumstances.