Winter Study

Financial aid students are eligible to receive Winter Study grant aid for their primary Winter Study course.

You don’t need to apply for this aid, and the only limit is the total course cost. Course instructors determine project costs and report them to the Winter Study Coordinator, who then calculates a grant for each eligible student.  Charges and grants are posted to student accounts in early December.  Students are responsible to pay the difference between the two.

  • You will receive 100% of the total approved cost up to the $1,000 maximum winter study grant limit for 99 Projects and Thesis Projects. Your project costs must be approved through the application process. You must complete the Registrar Office's Winter Study Financial Aid Form so we can determine approved course costs. You will receive your winter study grant by check or direct deposit.

Questions about eligible funding should be directed to the  the winter study coordinator directly.

Dining Hall Board Rebate

Students who will be off-campus for winter study for at least 10 consecutive calendar days may be entitled to a partial refund of their meal plan; visit Williams Dining for information or contact them with questions ([email protected] 413-597-2121).