Student Financial Services (SFS) Student Timeline

Throughout the academic year there will be items that need a student’s attention. In order to receive your financial aid award, be able to make payments on time, have access to available refunds, and allow your parents access to your account, the SFS office needs you to complete the following checklist in a timely fashion:

November is the time of year that the financial aid application begins anew.

  • Current and returning US Domestic students can click here to access the FAFSA and CSS Profile applications for the 2023-2024 academic year.
  • Current and returning International students can apply using the CSS profile by beginning here.
  • Remember to log into into your Williams Students Homepage and check your Tasks tile to see if you are missing anything the SFS office might need, including 2021 tax documents, W2s, or your family’s business tax forms if they have them.


  • If you are planning to study away in the spring, you should be working on your Study Away – Budget Proposal due early in December.
  • Start planning Spring semester to and from campus. Williams works with an online travel software called EGENCIA where you can book flights and the cost of your ticket will be charged to your student account. For more information about EGENCIA, click here.



Do you smell that? December is full of delightful scents like gingerbread, coffee, and late night papers being printed.  Before you head into the semester break, here are some things to finish up on, or get a head start for the spring semester:

  • If you are studying away for the spring semester, your Study Away – Budget Proposal and other documentation are due December 1. Once you have received your Study Away Bill from you program, you can submit to the SFS office by submitting it here.
  • Spring semester college bill for those staying here on campus will be sent out on December 7.
  • Finish the semester strong and then rest up over the semester break.


Welcome back for Winter Study:

  • Winter Study books will be available at The Williams Bookstore for purchase. For students receiving financial aid, you will only purchase your books through the Williams Bookstore using your Williams ID. Visit the Book Grant information page on how to purchase your books and how the book grant process works. Non-aided students are allowed to purchase any eligible and required course books with their Williams ID at The Williams Bookstore. Your book charges and credits will be applied to your student term bill account and will be displayed on your EphPay account.
  • Speaking of EphPay, Spring semester payment is due January 15. If you are signed up for a Four payment plan, the first installment begins January 25. To learn more about EphPay payment plans, click here.