Private Loan Options for Students and Families

When institutional and federal aid do not cover your cost of education, private educational loans are available to help finance your family contribution. Williams College has partnered with ELM Resources, who provides a free and secure online platform that allows students and their families to research and compare loan products, as well as initiate the loan application process with participating lenders.

A list of lenders and their loan products can be accessed online at ELM Select (Students Loans or Parent Loans). The list is not representative of all private educational loan options. It represents those historically used by Williams students and their families within the three most recent academic years. Williams College has not reviewed the terms and conditions of the loans offered by the lenders listed in ELM Select and does not endorse any one of them. If you wish to use another lender who does not showcase its products in ELM Select, you have the right to do so and we will process the loan for you.

Private educational loan programs vary by lender; so, be sure to contact specific lenders to find out about terms and conditions that may apply. Also, compare the details of different loan products to ensure you choose the best loan for you, paying particular attention to interest rate options, repayment options, and incentives and benefits.

Once you decide on a loan, you can apply for the loan through the lender’s website, which is accessible from ELM Select. If you are approved for a loan, the lender will notify Williams College, who will certify your eligibility for the loan. This includes sharing sensitive information about the student, such as legal name, Social Security Number, date of birth, citizenship status, grade level, enrollment status, anticipated graduation, cost of attendance, expected family contribution, and financial aid award. Lender notification and school certification both occur within ELM’s secure online platform.

But first, borrow your Federal Direct Loan!

ELM Select is intended to assist students in their search for a private loan after exploring their maximum opportunity in the Federal Direct Loan program. If you have questions regarding your federal loan eligibility, contact your financial aid advisor:

Ashley Bianchi: Make An Appointment

Betsy Hobson: Make An Appointment

Ann Lundhild: Make An Appointment

Mike Goodwin: Make An Appointment

Candy DiCianno: Make An Appointment

Twink Burns:  Make An Appointment

Other private loan options

In addition to ELM Select, you may find competitive financing options through your state student loan authority; your federal credit union (membership required); or the Federal Direct PLUS Loan (a parent loan for undergraduate students).