EphPay - Your Williams Billing and Payment Portal

During your time at Williams, you will incur both standard and miscellaneous fees that are directly billed by the college on the first Wednesday of each month. Most of these fees will be charged to your Williams Student Account.

Williams partners with Flywire, Inc. to administer an online e-billing system that gives access to the Williams Student Account that we call EphPay. All students and authorized users use EphPay to make electronic payments; view detailed account activity and pending credits (including financial aid); print statements; and sign up for an optional, semester-based installment payment plan.

Activate EphPay

  • Search for williams.myflywire.com in your web browser. This is what we call EphPay!
  • Select “Create New Account.”
  • At the prompt, select “Yes,” you are a current or former student.
  • Enter your short Williams email address (ex. [email protected]) and create a secure password.
  • Select “Create.”
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you. Follow the instructions in the email to access your account.
  • Tip: Drop the “W” from your Williams ID when prompted to enter it.

Billing and Payment Deadlines

Billing and Payment Deadlines
Term Term Bill Posted to EphPay Term Payment Due
Fall 2024 July 8th, 2024 August 15th, 2024
Winter Study & Spring 2025 December 4th, 2024 January 15, 2025


Payment Plan Options 

If you’d like to spread your payments out, the Williams College Installment Payment Plan is an optional plan available to all students and authorized users. The plan has the following important features:

  • Once the fall statement is issued, students and authorized users will be able to set up a payment plan. Four and five-month plans will be available for each academic semester. You will be able to sign up for both semesters or one semester at a time depending upon your preference. 
  • Your plan budget is set automatically to your current balance due (i.e., the sum of all transactions since you first entered Williams) – unless you sign up for a plan before the term bill is released. In that case, you will be asked to estimate your plan budget and EphPay will automatically rebalance it to equal the balance due when your term bill is released. To estimate your plan budget, you can use one-half of the published comprehensive fee found here.
  • Plans are rebalanced on an ongoing basis, too! This helps you keep your account current with ease and little effort on your part. The plan rebalances 10 days and 1 day ahead of the monthly installment due date, as well as upon login by you, your authorized users, or an SFS staff member. Every time your plan rebalances, the plan owner will receive an email alert to help your family stay on top of EphPay activity and give you time to deposit enough funds in your bank account to meet the next installment due date.

Critical Concepts to Understand

  • Students may add authorized users at any time. An authorized user is anyone that students want to have access to make payments directly to their bill. Most often, authorized users are parents, guardians, and others who are financially responsible for the student.
  • Student account balances will be available to view in real-time via EphPay.**Please note that if you log into your account before July 8th, you may see incomplete information as we prepare your charges and credits.**
  • Annually, as part of the semester billing process, students will be asked to sign a Financial Responsibility Agreement which acknowledges and outlines the student’s payment responsibility for the educational services being provided.
  • Participants will authorize payments to be automatically debited from their specified financial account on the 25th of each month for the number of months in the plan selected. There is no option to initiate payments on an unscheduled basis or on a different day of the month.
  • 529 plans and/or other third party payments can be used in combination with a payment plan to pay the balance due. Contact SFS if you need assistance.
  • The Payment Plan fee of $40 per semester will be charged on the date that you sign up for the plan.
  • Terms and conditions of the payment plan will be disclosed and must be accepted as part of the payment plan enrollment process.

Additional billing and payment information is available to help you manage your billed expenses and understand your payment options.