Health Education

Health Education is an integral part of Williams College. The health educator, Laini Sporbert M.Ed., is available for individual consultation with students on health issues such as substance use, mental health, sleep, and sexual health.

The staff also provides substance abuse education and counseling for students. Students seek our services for tobacco cessation, tips for moderating or quitting use, and general information on alcohol and other drugs. We also offer support for students from substance abusing families.

Group education programs include tobacco cessation classes and two alcohol education programs, Drink Smart and Serve Smart. Straight Dope, a marijuana education program, is available on an individual basis.

In compliance with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, Williams College Health Services has compiled a resource on Alcohol and Other Drugs, where you will find basic information, health risks, Williams College policies and sanctions.

The health educator offers workshops for the campus community and provides ongoing support to Junior Advisors, Berkshire Doula Project, and Peer Health.