All entering Williams students complete the Williams Quantitative Literacy and Reasoning Assessment (WQLRA) online (through GLOW).  The WQLRA asks students to use arithmetic, algebra, graph reading, geometry, and linear modeling to solve 30 problems including 25 from a nationally-normed assessment instrument. While WQLRA is not a placement test for which there is a passing score, the scores are used by the Williams Quantitative Skills (QS) coordinators to identify the students with experience gaps in math preparation and those who may need additional advising as they start quantitative courses to complete the Quantitative and Formal Reasoning graduation requirement.

For more information on the WQLRA or interpreting Q scores on your advising transcript, please contact a QS coordinator:

Nick Hanford, Director of Quantitative Skills Programs Mihai Stoiciu, Professor of Mathematics and Faculty Coordinator of the QFR