Peer Quantitative Coaches

Classes at Williams can be challenging and can sometimes require students to change their approach to their studying and academic habits. Part of every college student’s experience is developing a deep toolbox of strategies for academic work to confront these challenges. Peer Quantitative Coaches are expert students who provide their peers with tips, tricks, and strategies to handle the rigors of Williams academics.

Coaches can help you with the following:

  • Studying for specific courses: The transition to college and adjusting to new courses may also mean that you need to change how you study and engage with the material. Coaches have been through many rigorous courses before and can help you think of some strategies for studying.
  • Managing a busy schedule: If you’re trying to figure out how to juggle your coursework with RSO’s, social or family time, work, or other commitments, coaches can help!  They too have had to juggle many things through their experience at Williams and they are happy to pass that knowledge on to you!
  • Communicating with your professors: Coaches have taken classes with a wide variety of professors and can problem solve with you about how to communicate with them. They can also talk with you about how to best utilize office hours!
  • Staying on top of routine assignments: Feel like you’re always working at the last minute on problem sets or response posts? Coaches can work with you on a schedule that keeps you engaged with regular assignments and gets you ahead of things.
  • Finding learning resources on campus: There are a ton of supports and resources available on campus to help you learn, but it can be hard to know when to go where. Coaches have had some experience with different offices on campus and can help you plan out your next steps for getting connected.

If you would like to work with a coach over a series of weeks or the semester, you can be paired with one by completing this intake form. We try to pair students based on their academic interests. To discuss just one or two issues, you can also sign up directly for a meeting with a coach through Accudemia (select “Peer Quantitative Coaching” from your course list to see available coaches).