Resources for Learning and Practicing Stata

Stata is a computational tool used in many Economics courses and Stat161.  Many students often find learning Stata syntax and logic confusing.  Here are a few resources that may help as you learn and practice.

  • To download Stata, follow the  instructions available on the oit website.  Williams community members are allowed to download Stata on their personal computers as long as you do not use it for commerical purposes.
  • To get started with Stata, try the Introduction to STATA 15 course in Linked In Learning- not enough has changed that will make it difficult to translate this course to STATA 17.  To make this course the most meaningful, you should be sure to do the exercises (files are available by clicking Overview under the video player).  Use OIT’s directions to log in.
  • For more advanced Stata questions, try the Advanced and Specialized Statistics in Stata course.  This course also has exercise files.
  • If you are looking for pdf help sheets, Princeton has some pdf files and STATA provides cheat sheets on syntax that may be worth printing or saving somewhere easily accessible.
  • If you can not find what you are looking using these resources, try using your favorite search engine to find the syntax you need.

Peer Academic Support Network Tutors who cover Stat161 and/or Econ 255 are also able to answer Stata questions.  If you are not able to view the schedule for tutor availability for these courses. please fill out a tutor request form.