Quantitative Skills Programs

The Quantitative Skills Program supports the development of quantitative methods, concepts and questions across the Williams curriculum.

We are here to think with faculty about the use of numerical data and scientific concepts that rely on data in their courses. Though most of our work occurs in Div III courses, students in Div II subjects such as psychology, economics, political science, and sociology also use quantitative methods in their statistical analysis of data.

We support both Williams’ students and faculty under a program of “inclusive excellence.”  The Director of Quantitative Skills Programs and Peer Support is available to consult with faculty about new technologies and pedagogies in STEM+ disciplines or with individual students with questions about quantitative skills or quantitative skills development.  

We are available to collaborate with  groups of faculty and individuals depending on their questions and needs.  We offer workshops each semester for faculty to think about development and implementation of course specific assignments/activities/programs related to quantitative skills.  In addition, we have offered workshops on

  • New initiatives around active/engaged and quantitative skills and reasoning
  • Common strategies and challenges surrounding teaching quantitative skills and reasoning
  • Inclusive pedagogies

We are also available to facilitate ancillary quantitative skills workshops for students in courses that require quantitative skills and reasoning.




For more information, please contact

Laura J. Muller
Director of Quantitative Skills Programs and Peer Support
**NEW LOCATION** Sawyer 431
[email protected]