Writing Partners Program

The Writing Partners Program offers students taking multiple writing heavy courses a semester-long relationship with one tutor. This extended, one-on-one tutoring relationship helps less experienced writers as well as those concerned with meeting writing demands in multiple courses gain skills in the writing process.

Picture of two students working together with a laptop computer

We match tutors with specific students to provide individualized guidance and support. Writing Partners develop an ongoing relationship with a particular student across multiple assignments with an aim to improve not only the writing product, but the writing practice. Writing Partners and their students decide when and where to meet outside of the tutor’s regular Workshop hours.

If you’re only taking one writing heavy course, the Writing Partner program is not for you. Instead, please visit the Writing Workshop to meet with our highly trained tutors. We encourage you to visit at all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming to drafting to revising, and you’re always welcome to make regular appointments with the same tutor, if you find one with whom you work especially well!


To request a Writing Partner, please fill out and submit this form