How I Write Series

Most fall semesters, Writing Workshop tutors interview faculty about how they write, how they teach writing, and what writing means to them. Fall of 2023 interviews included John Limon and Julia Munemo interviewed by Izzy Williams, Karen and Jim Shepard interviewed by Sasha Tucker, and Christina Simko and Phi Su interviewed by Izzy Williams. Check back here soon for video or audio recordings of these interviews.

In the meantime, we invite you to watch the interviews from the fall of 2021 below!

Episode 3: Susan Engel (Psychology) and Tiku Majumder (Physics) are interviewed by writing tutor Shreyas Rajesh. Taped on Nov. 18, 2021


Episode 2: Maud Mandel (President, History) is interviewed by writing tutor Darin Li. Taped on Nov. 11, 2021


Episode 1: Professors Jeffrey Israel (Religion) and Bernie Rhie (English) are interviewed by writing tutor Reid Kurashige. Taped on Oct. 21, 2021