Who Needs Tutoring?

The short answer is: everyone. A common misconception is that you must be failing a class before you can meet with a tutor, but there are many reasons Williams students with all academic experiences, backgrounds, and GPAs seek additional help outside the classroom.

  • Get a second opinion on your work. Even if you typically do well in a certain course it can be helpful to drop-in or make a quick appointment to have a tutor look over your work with you.
  • Get a new perspective with the material. When you’re feeling stuck it can help to meet with a tutor who has experience in that course but may offer a different approach that “clicks” for you.
  • Create a study schedule. Sometimes what you need isn’t help with the course material itself but rather a better plan for managing the courseload outside the classroom. Your tutor will have taken the course already and can help you map out a study plan that meets the specific demands and expectations of that class.
  • Develop new study skills. Your tutor, as well as other students you may work with in the drop-in centers, may have study habits and ideas that you haven’t tried yet…and you may have some that will be new to them!
  • Refresh in a specific problem area. There may be one part of a class that you find confusing and you need to spend a little extra time on it. You may feel a little rusty on certain skills or prerequisites necessary to keep up in a current course. Even a few sessions with a tutor can get you up to speed.
  • Build community. The drop-in centers can be great spaces to meet other folks working on the same course material. Making visits to the centers part of your routine can help build your academic support system.