Hello! Regular tutoring is closed for the spring semester. We will be offering limited drop-in tutoring during finals for select courses with scheduled exams. Please see the schedule below. 

Location: all tutoring will be held in Sawyer 431.

Final Date/Time for drop-in tutoring
CSCI 134 May 19 7pm-9pm
CSCI 136 May 19 7pm-9pm
JAPN 102 May 17 2pm-6pm
May 18 2pm-6pm
MATH 130/140 May 16 12pm-5pm
May 17 12pm-5pm
May 18 12pm-5pm
May 19 12pm-5pm
MATH 250 May 18 9am-11am / 2pm-4pm
May 19 9am-11am / 2pm-4pm
STAT 161/201/202 May 18 9am-11am / 2pm-4pm
May 19 9am-11am / 2pm-4pm



The Peer Academic Support Network provides opportunities for Williams students to connect with each other for course-specific academic support. Our tutors are fellow students who are passionate about their areas of study and eager to help their peers thrive at Williams. 

Whether you are struggling in class, just need a quick second set of eyes on your work, or want to study in a group setting, we believe that everyone has something to gain from tutoring.

Tutoring is free of charge for all Williams students. Come check us out!

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