Music Competitor Matthew Crimp '12

Sociology major Matthew Crimp, a junior at Williams, has been playing the violin since he was four years old. He says he opted to  come to Williams “because of the academics and the mountains.” Matt entered the Berkshire Symphony soloist competition, which gives students a chance to win a soloist spot playing in the April concert, because “the pieces we get to play in Berkshire are so epic, and we can play them so well that it’s hard to resist—some highlights were Beethoven’s 7th Symphony in freshman year and symphonies by Tchaichovsky and Bartok sophomore year.”

Although he did not get a spot as a soloist this year, Matt says he will definitely be entering the competition again next year. “I’m already getting excited about what I’m going to play,” he says. “If nothing else, it’s a good way to keep my playing on track with a performance goal, and there’s always the chance that I could get to experience that crazy feeling of getting up in front of an orchestra and playing my heart out.”