Institutional Research staff administer many evaluations for the college, including the regular semester course evaluations which are called the Student Course Survey (or SCS), Winter Study evaluations, Varsity Athletics evaluations, and Physical Education evaluations.

Student Course Survey (SCS)

Winter Study Evaluations

Most instructors who participate in the regular semester SCS evaluation process are not subject to evaluation during Winter Study. The exception is faculty teaching intensive Winter Study courses, who do administer the regular semester SCS form. For all other Winter Study instructors who don’t teach at Williams during the regular semester, the Winter Study Committee has developed an evaluation that Institutional Research automatically emails out to students several days before the end of classes. Instructors being evaluated will receive a summary report via email a few weeks after the end of the term, provided all of their grades are turned in.

Varsity Athletics Evaluations

Varsity Athletics Evaluations are administered online three times a year, once for each season. Typically, the Athletics Department coordinates and leads an end-of-season meeting for each team where its members gather to complete evaluations of the program and its faculty. Reports are distributed to athletic faculty and the Athletic Director several weeks after each season closes. Reports are also made available to the Dean of Faculty and Committee on Appointments and Promotions at the end of each evaluation period.

Physical Education Evaluations

Physical Education Evaluations are emailed to students during the last week of each PE quarter. Comments written to the instructors on these evaluation are distributed to instructors near the close of each evaluation period. In January a single quantitative report is produced for each PE instructor the combines the results from the previous calendar year. These annual reports are sent to the PE instructors/athletic faculty and the Athletic Director. Reports are also made available to the Dean of Faculty and Committee on Appointments and Promotions.