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Image for Jay Pasachoff: In South America, the coronavirus will limit travel to 2020′s top astronomical event
Professor Jay Pasachoff spoke to the Washington Post about the hurdles to seeing 2020′s top astronomical event, December’s total solar eclipse amid the Geminids meteor shower.
Image for Dr. Sabrina Assoumou ’99 joins Boston 25 News to discuss new developments in the creation of a COVID-19 vaccine
Boston Medical Center infectious disease physician Sabrina Assoumou ’99 answers questions about the Covid-19 vaccines on Boston 25 News.
Image for Election disputes have precedent, local scholars say. But results are clear.
Professors Alan Hirsch, Mason Williams and Susan Dunn weigh in on the history of election disputes.
Moving On
Image for Joe Thompson ’81: Director of Mass MoCA, Playground for Artists, Moves On
Joe Thompson ’81 is stepping down after 33 years as director of MASS MoCA. The New York Times chronicled his vital role in creating the "playground for artists."
Thank You!
Image for Staff Thank You Tribute
Williams faculty members created a Thank You Tribute to college staff for all the work they have done and continue to do to support the campus this semester.
Higher Ed
Image for The Williams way: Why elite schools are ducking higher ed’s headwinds
An "endowment-reliant" approach has given Williams the flexibility to focus on student needs during the pandemic, unlike schools that are primarily dependent on tuition income.
Sea Course
Image for Blurring the Boundaries
The Global Ocean, co-taught virtually by all five faculty members of the Williams-Mystic program, introduces students to the interdisciplinarity of the sea.
Harm & Healing
Image for Harm and Healing
Almost fifty years after a racist incident drove his father out of Williamstown, a son begins the work of helping him—and the Williams community—to heal.
History Revisited
Image for Lesley Blume ’98 new book on Hiroshima and Little Boy
Lesley Blume ’98 spoke with the History News Network about her new book, "Fallout: The Hiroshima Cover-up and the Reporter Who Revealed It to the World."
Image for Experts weigh in on Biden’s economic priorities – Professor Mason Williams
"In proposing a Public Health Jobs Corps, [he] is wisely copying from the New Deal’s playbook." Political science professor Mason Williams weighs in on Biden's economic priorities.