More Williams Stories

Image for Mountain Day 2012
Students head for the hills for the annual tradition of Mountain Day. Follow along with this photo slideshow.
Image for Transgender Story
In this cradle of intellectual exploration, transgender people at Williams are on that most basic human quest—figuring out who they are.
Image for Charlie Waigi Bicentennial Medalist
The Williams experience of Bicentennial Medalist Charlie Waigi '72 encouraged him to found one of Kenya's most successful schools.
Image for Visualizing the Liberal Arts
In a comprehensive project using alumni records to study the relationship between major and career path, math professor Satyan Devadoss and two student researchers concluded: "You can study what you love and then go do what you want." Here's what they found.
Image for What you need to know…
Political scientist Nicole Mellow is laying the groundwork for a scholarly analysis of the presidential election. Here's what she's paying attention to right now.
Image for A World-Class Mayor
He was audacious and outspoken. But the big dreams of Boston Mayor Kevin White '52 helped rebuild the city of Boston.