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Travel Lit
Image for Americans Abroad in Literature – Soledad Fox
Miss traveling? Professor Soledad Fox Maura takes us through some of the books she teaches in her "Americans Abroad" class, which "make us reflect on what it means to be somewhere else."
Image for How to function in times of uncertainty – Ryan J. Jacoby ’09
Ryan Jane Jacoby ’09, a staff psychologist and instructor at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, lends some tips on how to function in times of uncertainty.
Image for A History of Election Crises – Alan Hirsch radio interview
Alan Hirsch, chair of the Justice and Law Studies program, covers the history of controversial presidential elections on KPFA's Letters and Politics.
Where Are We Now?
Image for Fall 2020 Magazine
The fall issue of Williams Magazine focuses on two major forces shaping our campus and our world: a pandemic that has upended nearly every aspect of daily life and the ongoing horrors of racism and brutality against Black Americans.
Politics of Blame
Image for Rejecting the Politics of Blame
Professor K. Scott Wong addresses a history of scapegoating in times of great morbidity. What can we learn from the comparison to the 1918 influenza?
Silver Lining
Image for Joel Furey ’94 Silver Thread to Fight Virus
Joel Furey's '94 company Noble Biomaterials has supplied silver thread for Lululemon and NASA. Now he's fighting viruses by introducing the material into masks, clothing, hospital linens and more.
On Whiteness
Image for On Whiteness – Ali Michael ’00 book
Ali Michael '00, racial justice educator, writer and co-founder of the Race Institute for K-12 Educators, speaks about her work and this moment in history.
Virus Response
Image for Responding to the Virus – Lois Banta
Will a vaccine come quickly and safely? Lois Banta, professor of biology, explains the process.
Global Goals
Image for Tafara Makaza ’22 part of a new Samsung/UN collaboration
Tafara Makaza '22 is part of the inaugural cohort of Generation17, a collaborative initiative by Samsung and the United Nations Development Programme.
A Call to Vote
Image for Election 2020: Voting Challenge Accepted
Students, faculty and staff are encouraging all members of the campus community to take part in the political process.