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Image for Williams President Emeritus Francis Oakley on Pope Benedict’s Resignation
Williams President Emeritus Francis Oakley takes the long view on the pope's resignation.
Image for Coaching at Williams Video
In this video, Williams coaches explain the recipe for success on and off the field.
Image for Merida Rua Indentidad Research
Merida Rua, associate professor of Latina/o studies and chair of American studies, returns to her home city of Chicago to study the impact of Puerto Rican migration.
Nationally recognized math professor Ed Burger will become the 15th president of Southwestern University on July 1.
Image for 3D Printer Debuts
Students debut a 3D printer that gets the job done.
Image for Acting at Williams Video
Acting at Williams teaches students about the theater—and life, as this video explains.
Brian Joseph Martin's new book on Napoleonic friendship in 19th century France has won the Wylie Prize.
Image for SparkTruck
Eugene Korsunskiy '08 and his SparkTruck team spent the summer helping fourth graders learn an essential step in the road to success—failure.
On Jan. 31 the college will participate in events and discussions aimed at confronting challenging issues and building an inclusive community.
Image for Winter Study: Reading for Life
A snowy sleigh ride is just one of the settings Cassandra Cleghorn chose to help students in her Winter Study class on War and Peace to become more active and imaginative readers.