More Williams Stories

Sea Course
Image for Blurring the Boundaries
The Global Ocean, co-taught virtually by all five faculty members of the Williams-Mystic program, introduces students to the interdisciplinarity of the sea.
Harm & Healing
Image for Harm and Healing
Almost fifty years after a racist incident drove his father out of Williamstown, a son begins the work of helping him—and the Williams community—to heal.
History Revisited
Image for Lesley Blume ’98 new book on Hiroshima and Little Boy
Lesley Blume ’98 spoke with the History News Network about her new book, "Fallout: The Hiroshima Cover-up and the Reporter Who Revealed It to the World."
Image for Experts weigh in on Biden’s economic priorities – Professor Mason Williams
"In proposing a Public Health Jobs Corps, [he] is wisely copying from the New Deal’s playbook." Political science professor Mason Williams weighs in on Biden's economic priorities.
Top Picks
Image for Biden campaign names Don Graves ’92 and Sharon Burke ’88 to lead efforts to select administration officials
The Biden campaign has tapped Don Graves ’92 and Sharon Burke ’88 to lead efforts to select top administration officials in the Treasury and Defense Departments.
Swimming On
Image for Swimmer Molly Craig ’21 studies remotely and trains in CA
Molly Craig ’21 speaks with the Elmira Star Gazette about her experience studying remotely in California while training with the Coronado Swim Association.
Silent Season
Image for Looking Back on Baseball’s Silent Season – Rowan Phillips
"How does a sport with so many pauses in it make sense when those pauses reveal a vacuum?" English professor Rowan Phillips assesses the 2020 baseball season.
Veteran Commitment
Image for Veteran Commitment – Veterans Day 2020
The college has undertaken a comprehensive effort in recent years to recruit more veterans and support them once they’re on campus.
Image for Toward Healing – Rev Ben Campbell ’61 in Richmond
Rev. Ben Campbell ’61, one of Richmond's best-known activists and scholars, talks about what needs to be done to fix systemic racism in the city.
Image for Reckoning and Responsibility – Magazine Fall 2020
Neil Roberts, chair of Africana studies, interviews political theorist Juliet Hooker ’94 on movements, monuments and the long struggle to achieve racial justice.