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Image for Allison Achauer ’93: Expert Tailor and Pattern Maker
Allison Achauer ’93 discusses her career as an expert tailor and pattern maker and the freedom of choosing her next project.
Teaming Up
Image for Williams Teams Raise Money for Social and Racial Justice Initiatives
Through a series of fundraisers this past summer, Williams athletic teams raised money for several social and racial justice initiatives.
Image for What if the Great American Novelist Doesn’t Write Novels? Profile of Frederick Wiseman ’51
With his 45th documentary film airing on PBS last month, Frederick Wiseman ’51 is the subject of a lengthy profile with The New York Times Magazine.
Image for Williams Economists Pamela Jakiela and Owen Ozier’s Study on Big Sisters
Williams economists Pamela Jakiela and Owen Ozier's new study suggests that big sisters can make a significant impact on the development of younger siblings.
Image for At the Helm of Himal Southasian: Shubhanga Pandey ’17
Shubhanga Pandey ’17 recounts his nontraditional path to becoming chief editor of Himal Southasian magazine.
Image for Vaccine Distribution Discussion with Richard Besser ’81
The Washington Post asked Robert Wood Johnson CEO Richard Besser ’81 about the government’s handling of vaccine development and his projections for distribution.
Image for Assoc. Prof. Aparna Kapadia: What a 15th-century Letter-writing Manual Reveals About Life and India
In her latest column for, Associate Professor of History Aparna Kapadia writes on what a 15th-century letter-writing manual reveals about life and India.
Image for Etienne Aduya ’15 Wants LGBTQ Athletes to Know How Supported They Are
Etienne Aduya '15 is working with Williams to ensure LGBTQ athletes feel less alone.
Hands-on Learning
Image for Hands-on Learning: Allie Campbell ’21 Gains Valuable Experience at the Williams Center at Mount Greylock
As a writing fellow with the Williams Center at Mount Greylock, Allie Campbell ’21 has been gaining valuable experience as a tutor and future educator.
Virtual Art Show
Image for Fall 2020 Virtual Big Art Show
The Art Department presents the Virtual Big Art Show, a culmination and celebration of student artwork throughout the fall semester.