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Page Turners
Image for Kiara Valdez ’16, comic book editor
As associate editor of graphic novels for First Second publishers, Kiara Valdez ’16 seeks stories of inclusion and connection.
Green Golf
Image for Olivia White sustainable golf courses
Golfer Olivia White ’22 writes about her internship researching "the complex relationship between golf and sustainability" for Golf magazine online.
Summer Research
Image for Summer Science Research 2021
Kaiz Esmail ’23 is one of 220 Williams students—more than ever before—doing science research on campus this summer. Starting in mid-June, the fully-funded research fellows spend 10 weeks working closely with their professors; here Kaiz harvests bacterial cultures of Streptomyces coelicolor in chemistry professor Amy Gehring’s lab in the new Hopper Science Center. Gehring, who’s chair of the biochemistry program, researches microorganisms in the soil that produce interesting molecules now used in antibiotics, antifungals and anti-cancer drugs, among other medicines.
SOA Bicentennial
Image for SOA Bicentennial—Olympic Ephs
A look back at Williams alums who have won Olympic medals starts with the 1900 Games in Paris.
Image for Joey Lye ’09 wins Olympic Bronze
Joey Lye ’09, who helped Team Canada Softball win a Bronze Medal in the Tokyo Olympics on July 27, shares how her Williams experience prepared her for success.
Image for Dylan Dethier ’14: I drove a van to the U.S. Open — and found something special along the way
Dylan Dethier ’14 writes for Golf Magazine about driving a van down the coast to the U.S. Open thanks to Dave Ramsay ’09 and Matt Felser ’09 of Dave & Matt Vans.
Animal History
Image for Aparna Kapadia: Rhinos to Lisbon, turkeys to Agra: Recalling the history of animal gifts in pre-colonial times
In a Scroll.In essay, history professor Aparna Kapadia explains how animal gifts in pre-colonial times "set the stage for even greater interest in the study of the natural world.”
SoA Bicentennial
Image for SoA Bicentennial – Ephs on the Mooove
Ephs on the Mooove: Mike Rodriguez '17 and Juan Baena '06 embark on a cross-country journey to listen, share and connect with Williams alumni in their local communities.
Image for Charley Stevenson ’93: Executive Spotlight Integrated Eco Strategy – Berkshire Eagle
Charley Stevenson ’93 helps architects and engineers choose sustainable materials for building projects through his business, Integrated Eco Strategy.
Activism to Action
Image for Spring 2021 Magazine: From Activism to Action
Mohammed Memfis ’21 is among the new generation of Williams leaders actively engaged in the issue of climate justice. Their work often “doesn’t look like environmental activism in the traditional sense of conservation or sustainability,” says Nicolas Howe, director of Williams’ Center for Environmental Studies. It involves things like developing equitable climate adaptation policies in California, building regenerative farms serving Washington, D.C.-area food pantries, assisting with path-breaking research into how the state of Florida failed a community whose groundwater was poisoned, or, like Memfis, unpacking what role Atlanta’s highways may play in higher Covid-19 death rates among Black residents.