Climb High,
Climb Far

Virtual Yearbook:
In Your Words

Once an Eph,
Always an Eph

A Message
from the Board
of Trustees

A Message
from President
Maud S. Mandel

Wang Leehom ’98
Sings "The Mountains"

Throwback to Your
First Day as a Class

Purple Valley


Virtual events honoring your significant achievements

Music Department
Senior Recital

Raising Our Gaze:
an offering from the
Chaplains Office

Senior Athlete

Class Banner 2020
Class Banner by Sarah Scire
Class Speaker:
Theophyl Kwapong
Class Marshals:
Melinda Kan-Dapaah
Mykel Miller
Morgan Whaley
Nick Goldrosen
Class Toasters:
Carlos Cabrera-Lomeli
Benjamin Lebowitz
Ashley Villarreal
Class Artist:
Sarah Scire
Class Gardener:
Grace Murray
Class Historian:
Hannah Tager
Class Musician:
Mia Herring-Sampong
Class POET:
Class Officers:
Drew Cohen
Breelyn Karno
Theo Kwapong
Dominique Burgess
Justin Kugel
Natalie Albright
Jane Petersen
Spencer Carrillo
Sarah Kelly
Daiana Takashima
Ruairi O'Cearuil


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