Just Look: The Slant

Photograph of an octopus from Emma Teal Laukitis '13
Photograph by Emma Teal Laukitis ’13

The Slant is a new photo journal at Williams founded by Robert Yang ’15 to promote the visual arts on campus. Yang says, “I want the Williams student body to be able to enjoy a purely aesthetic publication. You do not have to read or mull over esoteric concepts. Just look.”

You can view The Slant in PDF format here or look for a printed version on campus in the student center. Photos are solicited from students, faculty, and staff. Once compiled, the The Slant’s design team and executive officers choose the journal’s final images for inclusion in the publication. Photos that are not included in the printed journal can be viewed on The Slant’s Flickr site.

“Hopefully,” says Yang, “The Slant will inspire people to explore the visual arts here at Williams and elsewhere.”