Juan Baena

It's Mountain Day! 2020

This morning President Maud S. Mandel canceled classes, writing:

Life has its ups and downs. Happily, so do the mountains.
It’s Mountain Day! Let’s enjoy some fresh air and appreciate this beautiful Purple Valley we call home.
Classes are canceled, but the pandemic isn’t. So in this exceptional year we’re offering lots of small-group hikes and activities of all kinds. Sample as many as you like.
Whatever you choose to do today, I hope you’ll take advantage of the beautiful fall weather to do it outside and enjoy Williams at its best!

The bells rang out “The Mountains,” signifying the start of a unique Mountain Day experience.

Students are encouraged to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, with scheduled, small-group activities and live performances—all adhering to strict health and safety guidelines, including wearing masks at all times except when eating. The traditional apple cider, donuts and trail mix will be provided in tents on Paresky and Currier Quads.

Organizers have planned 49 hikes to enjoy fall foliage, along with yoga classes and an ergathon. Students enrolled on campus must register in advance to participate, and activities are limited to no more than 10 people per group. Groups are asked to spread out from each other. Hikes are departing from the Frosh Quad. Meanwhile, Zambezi Marimba Band, Nothin’ But Cuties hip-hop dance troupe and Cello Shots are among those performing near Sawyer Quad between 11:40 a.m. and 2:10 p.m.

Check out the complete schedule of events on the Outing Club’s website, where there’s also information on activities throughout the year.

To find out more about Mountain Day (which began more than 150 years ago as Chip Day and Gravel Day and has since evolved to the annual tradition of a spontaneous break from classes), take a look at this Mountain Day history from the college archives.

Happy Mountain Day, everyone!

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Post photos and videos of your Mountain Day using the hashtag #mtnday, and visit Williams’ social channels—Instagram, Facebook and Twitter—to see how the Eph community is partaking on campus and around the world.

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