Making Waves

In their short time at Williams, swimmers Logan Todhunter ’12 and Caroline Wilson ’13 have already caused a stir. Before the 2011 season even started, they had amassed eight NCAA titles and set a total of 23 College, NESCAC, and national records in individual events. They also had been part of five record-breaking teams.

Swimmers Logan Todhunter ’12 (left) and Caroline Wilson
Logan Todhunter ’12 (left) and Caroline Wilson ’13. Photo by Mark McCarty.

“These young ladies are willing to get after it in practice,” says head swim coach Steven Kuster. “They are fierce competitors, caring teammates and love to swim for this team. As a coach, you can’t ask for more than what these two bring to the pool.”

Wilson, who loves Williams because “I can do more than just swim,” leads WOOLF trips during First Days freshman orientation, plays club water polo, is taking guitar lessons, and, as a Baxter Fellow, is responsible for fostering a sense of community in her dorm.

“Williams has way too much to offer to be confined to the pool all year long,” she says.

Adds her teammate Todhunter, who’s also a junior advisor, “My time in the water has made me realize the value of time management and the significance of working hard in everything you do.”

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