Current Exhibitions

Williams has many spaces in which to display exhibits – from the galleries of the college museum to the hallways of the science labs to the college libraries to the many open spaces around campus. We invite you to explore them all!

Michaël Borremans, The Hovering Wood, 2011, oil on wood, Courtesy Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp.
Part of the Painting Between the Lines exhibit currently on display at the Williams College Museum of Art.

Williams College Museum of Art

The Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA, pronounced ‘wick-mah’) claims the title of “largest classroom at Williams.” From gallery tours to public programs, the museum is a laboratory for creative ideas. And we are dedicated to sharing the museum’s extraordinary resources with you!
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Williams College Libraries

During construction of the new Sawyer Library, exhibition space is limited in Sawyer, the Archives and Chapin.

Sawyer Library

About Sawyer
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Schow Science Library

About Schow
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Archives & Special Collections

A repository of institutional records and historic materials, the Williams College Archives include letters, minutes of meetings, blueprints, photographs, student theses and much more. Visit the online exhibition of The Life of Ephraim Williams, Jr.

Chapin Library of Rare Books

The Chapin Library documents civilization through rare books, manuscripts, and other materials, in all subjects and periods of history. View the Chapin Library’s collection of the Founding Documents of the United States on temporary display at the Williams College Museum of Art.

Public Art Around Campus

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