Wilson Lam ’21

It is crucial to notice and be grateful for the things we have in life. As such, I would like to offer my sincere thanks for your unending support of Williams.

My name is Wilson Lam, Class of 2021. Hailing from Hong Kong, making the decision to come to Williams was difficult but life-changing. My family found it hard to understand why I would want to pursue higher education halfway across the world, but that all changed once they stepped onto the campus at Williams. The campus, staff, and students all create a nurturing and supportive environment that lets me explore almost all areas of knowledge to my heart’s content, something that would never have been possible back in Hong Kong.

On campus, I have built a family of people from all around the world, united in the diversity of our experiences before and after coming together at Williams. In each and every class I take, I am able to further develop academically with brilliant peers. Outside of the classroom, I still find the time and space to make good music as part of Concert Choir, and actively engage in giving back as a member of Matriculate (a non-profit organization that empowers high-achieving, low-income high school students to make the leap to our best colleges and universities).

With the support of staff and alumni, I look forward to finding internships and other opportunities to work towards my dream career over the holidays. As I strive to do my best in all areas, I am mindful of the contributions made by people like you who make my Williams experience as enriching and fulfilling as it is today.


Wilson Lam ’21


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