Luis Urrea '16

Luis_Urrea_2016My name is Luis Urrea, and I am a psychology and geosciences double major from Houston, Texas. As a member of the Class of 2016, I realize that my time at Williams has included a vast array of experiences — from seeing snow for the first time to writing twenty-page papers, it has been a whirlwind.

One unexpected twist was electing to double major. Despite not taking any psychology courses in high school, I knew that it was something I wanted to pursue in college. And so I did, happily, but was surprised to find that as I scrambled to find a course to fulfill my Division 3 requirement, I had fallen for geosciences as well.

I was also surprised to find myself in a completely new environment, both culturally and physically. Long gone was the Houston Christian/conservative suburb where I was raised.  Nonetheless, I decided to put myself out there — I dabbled in ultimate frisbee, rugby, and student government.

Currently, I am the president of Williams For Life, the college’s pro-life organization, and the social media coordinator for the Law Society. I am also involved in Williams Catholic and serve on the Student Liaison Committee for both the psychology and geosciences departments.  

But truth be told, it is surreal to be writing this message today. There were definitely times when I thought that the loneliness and schoolwork I encountered at Williams would overwhelm me. Thankfully, with the help and encouragement of my parents, friends, and professors, I persevered. Now I realize that none of my successes would have been possible without you, the Eph alumni who contribute to the Alumni Fund. Thank you for your support. It is a blessing to many.



Luis Urrea ’16


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