Lindsey Vandergrift '16

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Lindsey_Vandergrift_2016Gratitude comes in various forms, and I hope that the simple but heartfelt words “thank you” can convey how important your support of Williams has been.

My name is Lindsey Vandergrift, and I am a chemistry major in the Class of 2016. My first home is Seattle, Washington, but my second homes have become the soccer field, the science labs, the Log for Friday lunches, the Writing Workshop and Gaudino Fund events, where I am pushed to grow from discussion of uncomfortable or challenging topics that encompass Williams for me.

Outside of the Purple Valley, I’ve found “home” abroad – I spent  Winter Study living with a Somali refugee family in Maine, and a semester living with families in India, South Africa, and Brazil. Month-long homestays in each of these locations while studying healthcare systems also helped me discover that I wanted to concentrate in public health.

One of the most wonderful aspects of Williams for which I am most thankful is the chance to do all of the things that I love in one place. I never had to sacrifice time in the library or science labs for the pursuit of excellence on the soccer field. I’ve been able to consistently compete at the highest level and win a national championship this year, while being surrounded by incredibly dedicated and intelligent women.

Only one semester at Williams remains for me, and I could not be more excited to take advantage of the opportunities for engagement and lifelong friendship that this amazing home offers. As I attend every possible lecture and discussion event, including leading some of my own with the Gaudino Fund, go to office hours to converse with professors beyond the classroom material, and soak up the tangible curiosity which powers this campus, I will be grateful in my heart for your support which makes possible these opportunities.



Lindsey Vandergrift ’16


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