Lindsay Thygesen '14


Lindsay Thygesen '14Hello, my name is Lindsay Thygesen from Indianapolis, Indiana, and I am a member of the Class of 2014 at Williams. I am writing to extend my thanks for your gift to the Alumni Fund. Your contribution plays an important role in funding what makes Williams unique. As well as extending my thanks, I’d also like to share a little about me personally and about my experiences at Williams.

I almost didn’t come to Williams. It had always been my top choice, but two weeks before the Early Decision deadline I still didn’t have the scores to qualify for admission into such a prestigious school. In the whirlwind of events that followed after I received my second set of SAT scores, I found myself eagerly filling out my ED application to Williams. I never expected that filling out my college application would be a last minute ordeal, but I have never felt more confident in such a seemingly rash decision. Williams had been my top choice for many reasons. Its unrivaled academic reputation, outstanding faculty, distinguished and well-respected athletic teams, and strong sense of community are all reasons I initially wanted to attend Williams, and it is all I hoped it would be and more.

I have never been surrounded by so many genuinely kind, motivated, and intelligent people. Although those I have met share these characteristics, they also possess many specific qualities that set them apart, from nationality to sport of choice, artistic talents to place of residence, and much more. Williams offers amazing learning opportunities, a wide range of courses, and a flexible course schedule that provides direction but also allows for exploration. My professors are leaders in their respective fields, yet still find the time for office hours or additional review sessions.

Outside the classroom, artistic performances, sporting events, and student organizations illustrate the multifaceted nature of the typical Williams student. As an editor for the Williams Record, I not only have had the opportunity to immerse myself in the arts, sports, and news that make up campus life, but I have also had the chance to work with a great group of people that have encouraged me to grow and develop as a person. This growth and development is encouraged outside the Record office and in all aspects of my time at Williams.

Although I am not sure where I will be career-wise at the end of my four years at Williams, I know that I will have learned invaluable life lessons that will prepare me for whatever comes next. Thank you for helping to make this possible.



Lindsay Thygesen ’14