Hayden Gillooly ’21

December 9, 2017. 6:06 p.m. I checked my email, anxiously. I read the word “congratulations” and burst into tears of joy. A moment of pure, overwhelming joy. A dream becoming reality. Words cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am for your generous contribution to the Alumni Fund and how it brought my dream to fruition. As you know, there’s something special and truly magical about the Purple Valley. The mountains! The mountains!

My name is Hayden Gillooly, Class of 2021, and I am from North Adams, Massachusetts. When I was little, I saw Williams students giving tours around campus and would exclaim, “Williams students can walk backwards?!” As I got older, I realized that Williams students can do many incredible things, including but not limited to walking backwards.

Williams is able to give its students unique and remarkable opportunities, thanks to the support of alumni like you. In just four months, I have grown and been challenged in ways I never thought possible. I have found passions in both Spanish and political science. I have felt valued by my professors, who care about each and every student’s growth and go above and beyond to make sure that potential is reached. I joined a comedy group, and the club sailing team (two things I never imagined participating in before college!). I have made friendships and connections that I am sure will last a lifetime.

Fall of my junior year in high school, I attended Williams’ homecoming game, hoping with all my heart that I would be a student here one day. This year, as I sat in the bleachers screaming “Go Ephs!” and ringing purple cow bells surrounded by my friends, my heart was full. Williams has truly exceeded all expectations of a remarkable college, community and home.


Hayden Gillooly ’21


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